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DR. TRACEY ANN ALDEN     (405) 517-8399
I am a  graduate of Oklahoma State University College of  Veterinary Medicine and have been taking care of companion animals Tulsa and Edmond since 1999. When I am not taking care of YOUR pets I am tending to my 17 year old cat Petie.  I also enjoy the outdoors, music, art and quality time with significant other Beau and beloved friends. I do not take my profession for granted and I am honored to be able to have the  opportunity to see that the human-animal bond is treated with respect and kindness. 


“To provide personalized, compassionate and convenient pet health care in the privacy and comfort of your own home.”           Dr. Tracey Alden, Owner

We will always be grateful for your kindness, thoughtfulness, and respect. Please know that in our hearts there is no doubt that you are an instruments of God. We wish you continued strength and understanding as you continue in the future of one great veterinarian.
                                                                     C. and A. Wilson, Edmond

We were deeply moved and appreciated greatly all the extreme loving kindness yo showed us and our dogs during all the times since we have first met you.                                                                                   M. & D. Cameron, Edmond

Our pets are an important part of our lives and having a caring health professional for our loved animals is more important than you might realize.                                                                                               Mcginty Family, Edmond

I have never met such a special, warm hearted bet as you before. I really believe when you are gone at the age of 100 you will be God's personal vet.                          
                                                                     B. Hebert, Edmond

You showed me the most important quality in being a veterianrian which can't be learned in vet school. That quality is compassion. The actual love and the relationships that you have, not just with your clients, but with their animals as well, showed me people do not only come to you because of your years in vet school. It's because the way you treat them and the way you really listen to what they say.  
                                                                    A. Curtis, Edmond Student

Dr. Alden has been our trusted vet for over 6 years and having the convenience of her coming to our home to care for our pets is beyond fantastic!  She is greeted with great enthusiasm by our animals and thier humans ! Tracey's level of care and concern is unprecedented and we highly recommend her for all of your pet  care needs.                           The Medina's, Edmond

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